A New Twist on Hide and Seek!

A New Twist on Hide and Seek!

This holiday season give the gift of play. Identity Games has so many unique and fun games any child will be delighted. They have games for all ages. They are probably best known for their Find It Games you can check out our post here on Find It Games and Escape Room the newest craze. We tried the Elmo’s World Hide and Seek.

Identity Games brings the best of both worlds to kids; the game of hide and seek and Elmo all in one. My daughter Sierra loves Elmo and hid and seek so this was absolutely delightful. I love watching her play it is so cute and this is a game my 3 year old can pretty much play on her own. 
Elmo Hide and Seek comes with hide and find Elmo toy, 24 cards, instructions and a carrying tin for easy storage and play.
The cards give hints to locations where Elmo could be hiding like this picture of Elmo hiding under the couch. Then your child finds Elmo he also talks and helps your child along the game. Their are 24 different cards making hiding simple and easy. The cards are tailored to smaller children and make the hiding spots simple and easy. Sierra loves finding Elmo and your child will to.
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