Amazing Products For New Homeowner’s

Amazing Products For New Homeowner’s

This is a sponsored post all opinions are 100 percent my own I did receive compensation for this post.

For the first time in our lives we are free of debt and own our own home. This is a huge step for us previously we paid $600 just in rent alone. Our new home we actually own outright it is amazing and now we are looking at furnishing our new home. We are a very techy household and look for products to meet our technological needs.

The My Cloud Home is the perfect solution for digital photo, video and personal cloud storage. For my family we have so many different people using devices and I love how the My Cloud Digital Home keeps all our photos and videos in one place for easy access. With the My Cloud Home individual family members can have their own accounts you don’t have to share the one account. That is a huge plus for our family of six! My boys like to take pictures of their baseball events and with the new baby we are documenting everything. I think almost every family could benefit from the My Cloud Home storage because what family doesn’t treasure videos and photos. Now until April 30th use coupon code WDBABBLEBOX for 15 percent off your My Cloud Home.
The Wemo Mini Wi-Fi Smart Plug is another techy device we consider a must in the Bailey household. The Wemo is simple and easy to use just plug in Wemo, download the app and get ready to start managing appliances, lights and more at home or away. Wemo gives me huge peace of mind! I am a busy mom of four and it seems we are constantly on the go. I used to worry constantly did I turn this off is this on the right setting. With Wemo I no longer have to worry. Wemo truly moved my home into the 21st century we are now a smart home and control our appliances and lighting even on the go. Our electric bill here runs sometimes upwards of $1000 so it is very important to me to be able to turn off lighting that we forget and appliances to be off or on their lowest settings when not in use. 

With four kids the bathroom is a hot zone in our home. I often dread walking into the bathroom because with three boys its generally a mess after showers and bath time. I love the cleaning power of Comet Bleach Powder and Foaming Bath Spray. My mom swore by Comet growing up and now I know why! It truly cleans deep and cleans well. It gets the tough grime out of your bathroom tile! Foaming Bath Spray makes cleaning even easier. Just spray, let sit a moment and wipe clean for a sparkling shine any homeowner will love. To find out more about Comet products just check out their site here.
Another amazing bathroom product is Waterpik Shower Heads. Our Chrome Power Spray+ Hand Held Shower Head is amazing save ten dollars here now!. The PowerPulse Massage Waterpik Shower Head gives you up to two times the message force of other shower heads. It is great for relaxing and getting a nice shower when you come in from a long day. Waterpik’s PowerPulse massage features a patented technology that optimizes water force allowing for the ultimate in shower massages! 
Last but not least shelving is always an issue for homeowners. Duck brand Easy Liner has you covered for lining all of those shelves that get dirty and dingy in your home. If you are like me and love coupons make sure to save $1 off two rolls and get your coupon here. I found the shelves in my bathroom and kitchen got dirty really quickly. I also really enjoyed the color of the rolls. The color matched my decor great and it was super easy to install now my shelving is protected.
Update, clean and protect your home with these amazing products. I loved trying all these and can’t live without a few of these products now. As they say your home is your castle!

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