Clog 101 With Roto-Rooter

Clog 101 With Roto-Rooter

With more active ingredients and the perfect thickness, Roto-Rooter is the best choice for all types of clogs! We live in a 3 bedroom trailer and let me tell you with six people in three rooms and only one bath and one kitchen I have had my share of clog issues. I found it helpful to start at the beginning of the clog problem.

I asked myself a simple question. What causes clogs and how can I prevent them? One of the biggest problems I found that caused clogs and was easily preventable was not doing routine preventative maintenance on your pipes. Other causes include root damage, soap build up and grease build up. 

  • Tree roots growing into the joints of sewer pipes in search of the water and nutrients that the sewer pipes carry is one primary cause of root damage. Concrete or clay pipes used before the 70’s are usually most at risks. They were not always sealed properly when installed which allows the roots to grow into the pipe. Concrete and clay pipes can get crushed by tree roots growing into the sewer pipe causing major separations or by roots encasing the pipe, left untreated the pipe eventually busts. Soil can also crush pipes. Concrete and clay pipes become more brittle as they get older. Erosion from flowing water wears away the inside of the pipe walls making them very weak.
  • Soap buildup happens mostly in secondary drains like showers, bathrooms and laundry drains. As the soap goes down the drain, it will, over time build up inside the pipe. Even though this happens slowly, the water can back up very fast because the drain pipe is restricted by the reduced diameter of the pipe caused by the buildup.

  • Grease buildup occurs the same way as soap buildup, only faster and  mostly in kitchen sink drains. As the grease is carried down the pipes while washing dishes it is thinned out by the hot water. As it travels the length of the pipe it is cooled by the vent pipes that allow cold air to drain into the system expanding and sticking to your pipes. Thus restricting the amount of water the pipe can drain.

Roto-Rooter keeps pipes running smoothly and with Roto Rooter you can pre treat before a clog gets so severe you have to call in the professionals. Calling a plumber could cost thousands and a lot of homeowner’s insurance plans do not cover clogs. We have been using Roto-Rooter almost a year now and with a treatment every couple of months before a clog forms we have had no issues this year.

Why did we choose Roto-Rooter?
  • Safe and effective on all types of septic systems
  • 80 Years experience in the plumbing services industry
  • 2 Times the Enzymes contained in the leading national brand
  • 25 Percent more active ingredients than the leading national brand
  • #1 Brand in plumbing services
Most of all we use Roto-Rooter because it works and it is simple. It’s targeted clog removal products include Build Up Remover, Hair Clog Remover, Gel Clog Remover and Septic Treatment. With a family as big and busy as us we need products that are safe and effective. Roto-Rooter gives me peace of mind that we don’t have a clog catastrophe on the horizon. Try Roto-Rooter yourself check out their site below and follow them on social media below:

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