Creating A Safe Baby Room With Ameriwood Furnishings

Creating A Safe Baby Room With Ameriwood Furnishings

With our newest addition baby Kierran we have done a lot of renovating and baby proofing. The month of September is baby safety month and to comemorate baby safety month we have partnered with Ameriwood Home to bring you this baby safety feature! Did you know in this country, a child is injured about every 30 minutes from a TV or furniture tip-over. On average, one child dies every 10 days as a result of such accidents. Safety experts say furniture manufacturers and regulators have not done enough to protect American kids from dresser tip-overs that could take their lives. Not Ameriwood their dressers all come with a safety anchor kit you can use to anchor your dresser safely and securely to your wall. Ameriwood puts safety first and includes the anchoring kit with your dresser purchase. Ameriwood Home has amazing dressers for nurseries!

When I started putting together our sons nursery a dresser or other furnishing tipping over had not even occurred to me. Furniture tip overs are actually in the top ten leading causes of home deaths. These deaths mostly occur in toddlers and smaller children of course. It is a true threat to baby safety and an issue that in my opinion hasn’t received the attention it deserves. I consider myself to be an expert and up to date on baby safety and furniture tip overs I had heard of but never really realized how often these accidents occur. A simple anchoring system can save your babies life. We love our Rowan Valley 6 Drawer Dresser from Ameriwood Home Little Seeds Line. It also comes in gray and is an excellent addition to any nursery. 
The six drawers are very spacious and it gives us plenty of baby storage space. I love the knobs they are crystal clear accent pieces and really make the dresser a perfect fit for nurseries. It really ties our room together and makes us feel great that we are protecting our babies by installing the anchoring kit. Pass on this information to one other family in honor of September being baby safety month. You just might save a life!
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