Dollar Tree Has Your Easter Crafting Essentials

Dollar Tree Has Your Easter Crafting Essentials

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Do you do a lot of crafting? If so you can find all your Easter Crafts, Supplies, and More At Dollar Tree! Even better when you buy Easter At Dollar Tree – Everything Is Just $1! Yes that is correct $1! Get all the supplies you need for Easter in general and all your Easter crafts at Dollar Tree for a fraction of the cost you would pay at a craft store.  Create the perfect Easter basket for less featuring items from Dollar Tree’s Easter selection.

Dollar Tree has the perfect selection of plush animals including ducks and bunnies as well as candies, baskets and treats to make Easter baskets easy and affordable. With three children we shop Dollar Tree for every holiday. When creating my children’s Easter baskets I start with the perfect basket, a plush bunny or duck, a few toys and treats per child and viola my baskets are almost complete. If I have the extra money I get giant bow or ribbon for each basket and a large bag clear gift bag to hold the basket together. I tie my ribbon or stick my bow on the outside of the bag and my children’s baskets look like I spent hundreds of dollars. In reality I spend around $15 per child. We can enjoy the Easter holiday with Dollar Tree without breaking the bank!
My kids love crafts so we generally try to do something special around the holidays with them. Pinatas are simple and easy and require very few supplies to make. This year we did a giant Easter Egg Pinata in celebration of Easter for the kids friends. 
In order to make an Easter Egg Pinata follow the instructions below:
Supplies Needed:
Tissue Paper ( If you want to do a solid color egg pinata choose one color choose multiple colors for a multi color egg pinata)
Any Decor You Wish to Use To Decorate Your Egg Pinata
Optional Supplies:
Recommended Decorations For An Easter Egg Pinata
Polka Dots
*You can choose any decorations you would like just keep in mind you want your pinata to turn out looking like a decorated Easter Egg.
Start your pinata by blowing a balloon to the size Easter Egg pinata you would like to create. You can do a few mini pinatas or one large pinata the possibilities are endless. Be creative! Mix the water and glue in a bowl. Tear strips of newspaper or tissue paper in small strips. Dip the strips in the water/glue mixture and begin layer the outside of the balloon. After you have the balloon completely covered in strips let pinata air dry. After dry begin a second layer. Repeat this process until the pinata is stable enough to hold up to vigorous whacking and sturdy enough to hold treats. Decorate the outside of the pinata with a final layer of solid tissue paper. Dip strips in the water/glue solution and begin layering the outside of the pinata; so that the newspaper does not show through for a solid color Easter Egg pinata. For a multi color Easter Egg pinata use different colored strips of tissue paper cut in equal lines, dip in glue/water solution and begin to create a striped egg effect. Decorate the pinata with whatever your heart desires. My kids love glitter and stickers. Ribbon is also a great idea as well as polka dots. Any decorations that you like are fine! Be creative, get into it and have a great time crafting as a family! 

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