Eye Spy With My Little Eye EZVIZ

Eye Spy With My Little Eye EZVIZ

Who doesn’t want to know what goes on in their own home all the time? I know I do, especially since we moved to a new town. I don’t know as many people or who or what might be a threat to watch for. Ezviz makes home security simple and easy! They have many different types of  products for all of your security needs. I was recently able to try the Ezviz Mini Plus. I feel one thousand times more at ease knowing I can see everything going on at my home while I am not there.

The Ezviz Mini Plus offers so many features for such an affordable price. Right now the Ezviz Mini Plus is only $69.33 and ships free with amazon prime. With the Ezviz Mini Plus you download the app and set up your camera and you are ready to take advantage of the features the Mini Plus offers.

It has so many different features it would be hard for me to list them all so I want to highlight a few of my favorites. My favorite feature would have to be the swivel base. The base swivels 180 degrees allowing you to customize your viewing angle and range to what best suites you. The 135 degree viewing angle of the mini allows it to see almost any entire room.  The Mini Plus has such a small size I also love how easy it is to set anywhere. Mine sets on top of my cabinet where I can see anyone coming in or out of my home. I love that it is wireless also and has a motion sensor. You can even talk to people when you are away with two way voice features.

With our Ezviz Mini Plus we have spotted some pretty crazy things. You honestly never know about people. I can say that after using the Ezviz Mini Plus. As a blogger I get ton of mail and have had several packages ruined just because I was out and didn’t know they came. With my Ezviz Min i Plus the motion sensor alerts me on my phone anytime it senses movement at the door. I can now see what packages have been left. For me that is a huge help. I love my Ezviz Mini Plus! What will you spy with your little eye?
Monitor your home all the time with simple security measures by Ezviz.
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