Fun Stocking Stuffers With Bulls i Toys

Fun Stocking Stuffers With Bulls i Toys

Bulls i Toy, a toy company with a fun attitude and optimistic outlook on life, is excited to bring you an exclusive sneak peek at what will be on every child’s holiday wish list this year! From keychains and Squish’Ums to fidget toys and goo. Bulls i Toy’s hot holiday line-up of goodies is affordable and on-trend. Bulls i Toy’s goal is is to pack huge amounts of fun into these small items this holiday season. They make the perfect affordable stocking stuffers. 

Most of my children’s stocking items are Bulls i Toys this year. We tried several toys out from Bulls i Toys Squish’Ums were the favorite with my kids. They are already super into the squishy phase and Bulls i Toys has some cool squishies. I loved the skulls as it is harder to find squishies for boys and the skulls are great for boys and girls. Start your celebration early with the all-new line of slow-rise foam Squish’Ums Skulls! Each foil blind bag includes one scented Skull Squish’Ums and a checklist. Collect all 16 brightly colored skulls!
The Squish Ums poo pets came in second in the squishy category as they are for boys and girls. My boys probably have every possible squishy you see online now and we were so excited to see Bulls i Toys had some new Squish’Ums series available. These are great for both boys and girls and even the adults had some fun with these. Everyone loves Pets, everyone loves Poo! Now you can have both with the all new super slow rising Poo Pet Squish’Ums! Each foil blind bag includes one chocolate scented Poo Pet Squish’Ums and a checklist. 16 Poo Pet Squish’Ums to collect! Find the rare Magical Unicorns! Sierra actually found a rare one and was over the moon!
The last squishies we tried from Bulls i Toy were the Yummy Series 2. These are also for both boys and girls but in my opinion more girly. They have all new flavors of sweet treats! You donut want to miss out on these! Each foil pack contains one scented, slow-rise foam Squish’Ums and a checklist. Collect all 16!

The LOL line up came in a close second with Bulls i Toys. Sierra is a huge LOL collector. If she sees a new series she is super excited. When she saw the LOL Mini Tins, Light Ups and Slap Bands she went wild. LOL Mini Tins includes 6 different characters to collect with surprises including magnets, puffy stickers, charms, and mini wristlets! Get royally excited to find your favorite character’s tin! The all new L.O.L Surprise Light Ups are cute but fierce! There are 8 ‘Lil Light Ups to collect! Each foil pack includes 1 Light Up, 1 glow-in-the-dark sticker and a checklist. Find the hidden message surprise! Sierra loved the glow in the dark stickers she has her whole room decorated with them. The slap bands were super fun and my niece and daughter loved these. Whether you’re part of the Glitterati, Glee Club, a rocker or a surfer, there’s a slap band for you! Each blister card contains one slap band, one charm, and one hidden charm surprise. Collect them all before you glitterally can’t! Mix and match the charms and bands to create your own fashion statement!

Bulls i Toys has you covered in the goo and slime category. Their Brainstem Goo Labs were perfect for the kids. The latest break through from the Brainstem Goo Lab has arrived – Putty Tins! Get ready for hours of creative fun without the sticky residue. With five different tins of goo to collect: Pearl, Crystal Clear, Glow-In-The-Dark, Magnetic and UV-Reactive, you can bounce it, stretch it, mold it, twist it, snap it, squeeze it, and sculp it! They loved the slime and it wasn’t messy and cleaned up easy. The Poo Goo Unicorn Poo was mommies favorite goo. Ooey gooey unicorn poo that feels like liquid but plays like goo! Collect all 4 magical glitter goo combos! It’s 100% Unicorn Poo! I loved the colors and loved watching the kids enjoy the sensory play the slime offers. 

Who loves JoJo Bows? I know my Sierra does. JoJo sequins are here! The sequins are reversible for twice the fun! These super cute pillow keychains come in 8 styles that are sure to sweeten your swagger! You will 100% LOVE them! Calling all Siwanatorz! JoJo Mini Bows are back with all new bows for series 3! Bows make everything better! With 24 different styles to collect, each pack contains one bow for you and one bow to share with your bestie! 

Through our Brainstem products, Bulls-i-Toy aims to inspire children to think creatively, indulge in curiosity and acquire knowledge through play. Skele-Tubes contain one of six different dinosaur skeletons, each from a different extinct animal. Have a blast building your skeleton and be sure to check out your creature’s fun fact sheet included inside the tube! Collect all 6! Take an adorable animal and pair it with a super soft plush that is shaped in a round ball, and you get Squee-Zoo-Balls! There are eight slow rise plush squishy animals to collect and love!

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