Geomatrix The Perfect Educational Gift For Kids

Geomatrix The Perfect Educational Gift For Kids

The only thing better than finding a toy your kids absolutely love and will actually get use out of, is when that toy happens to be STEM approved toy. California Creattions the creators of Geomatrix, The Magnetic Art of Building has become the newest toy to hit our household. Both boys, ages 6 and 10 years old spend hours at a time building with these. Whether they are making puppy dogs, trucks or just making silly things, it’s always a great thing to see them being constructive and using their imaginations.

 Geomatrix won Best Toy for Kids in the constructive play category by ASTRA-2017. What a huge accomplishment, right? Geomatrix has made the top of my list for this years Holiday Gift Guide. I have found it to be an amazing gift idea for kids young or old. Something to get the whole family together and enjoying a family fun night.
CA Creations also has other fun options like Laser Tag Head Gear and Missing Link. Products like The Amazing Star Cube and Wind Ups are perfect for stocking stuffers. Check out everything they have to offer by visiting their site below.

 Fun Facts:

·        STEM approved
·        Won Best Toy for Kids in the constructive play category by ASTRA-2017
·        Can be used to teach kids of all ages—multiple lessons included in the Activity booklet
·        Can be used as a game for family game night—2 game instructions included in the Activity booklet– only available in 27 piece set (available in October 2017)
·        Retail pricing: 15 piece set  is $29.99.  27 piece set is $49.99.

Check out the video below for more on Geomatrix:

Geomatrix wants to give to lucky fans a chance to win their own Geomatrix. Just enter below! Make sure to stop by California Creations and purchase Geomatrix for your little ones this holiday season and follow Geomatrix on social media below:



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