Hammacher Schlemmer The Place For Retro Gifts This Holiday Season

Hammacher Schlemmer The Place For Retro Gifts This Holiday Season

Hammacher Schlemmer as my loyal readers knows appears in our annual gift guide every year. I am absolutely obsessed with some of their products. They have a really large retro selection and just really unique gifts for all different price ranges. Think outside the box? That’s Hammacher Schlemmer products. They have the rare, the unusual, the super fun and the perfect holiday gifts for all ages baby and beyond.

My kids are really into the retro games right now as is I think a lot of 7 and 8 year olds. I choose the RC Mario Kart Racers this year because I wanted to show you just how unique and neat their gifts are and how fun they are for all ages. One year we reviewed a Batmobile and the year before a tank ride on toy. I never cease to be amazed.  
The RC Mario Kart Racers set includes Luigi and Mario rechargeable battery operated racers. You can also purchase the Donkey Kong and the Browser. We have three kids and Hammacher Schlemmer was good enough to send us Browser to. My kids love racing through the house together. They have a long battery life and entertain the kids for usually an hour if fully charged. 
They were so excited to open the cars and it was one of their favorite gifts I gifted it to my son he has a birthday and it works out great as he can test and we can give our opinions in time for you guys for Christmas. I highly recommend The RC Mario Kart Racers!

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