Mario Party Ideas Inspired By Oriental Trading Company Products

Mario Party Ideas Inspired By Oriental Trading Company Products

Birthdays are one of the most special days of the year for children. It is the one day that is just theirs and they can feel special about. As a parent I try to make every birthday as memorable as possible. Oriental Trading makes that possible! Oriental Trading has everything you need for the perfect party from party favors, decorations and treats. Oriental Trading has you covered! Check out all of the party supplies Oriental Trading Company has to offer! With three children two boys and one girl parties get creative! Each child has a different character, theme or special request. Oriental Trading makes all these little wants and dreams of the perfect party a reality!

My son Christian is the game enthusiast of the family and the oldest he turned nine at this party. He is the hardest to please and has the most ideas for the perfect get together. This year he wanted a Mario Brothers party. 

He wanted the perfect Mario inspired party and that is just what he got! His special requests were games and treat bags as well as a Baskin Robbins cake. Just for the sake of this post Baskin Robbins does not offer Mario theme cakes they made this special for Christian with pieces we picked up at Wal Mart and ideas he gave them for the cake out of a similar cake they already make. His cake was a hot attraction be sure to pick the perfect cake. The cake makes the party! 
Oriental Trading made the supplies super simple to find we just searched Mario and found all the Mario themed products they carry here! We always do games with small prizes, treat boxes or treat bags and a pinata. Those seem to be the kids favorites and Christian enjoys giving and has a big heart so he likes to have the kids all something fun to take home to. I don’t want to shop in ten different places. So my go to is always Oriental Trading Company they have everything and more at affordable prices. Since Christian’s birthday is so close to Halloween we have a great game selection because not only can we use birthday themed games but Halloween themed games as well. This year the favorite game was bobbing for apples. We used this simple bobbing for apples inflatable tub cooler it was a huge hit! Just fill with water and apples and let the kids have a blast. It is just the right size to not be a hassle and to allow the kids to easily bob for apples. Pair with the toy filled apples on Oriental Trading Companies site and its even funner! 
Staying with the Mario theme we had to find the perfect treat bags or boxes. Christian loved the Treasure Chest Favor Boxes. I didn’t even think about it since it has been years since I played Mario but he reminded me about the treasure chests Mario collects to get his tails, stars and other special powers. These were a great addition to the overall Mario theme. 
We had several different options for pinatas. Oriental Trading Company has an amazing pinata selection. In the end we chose the Shark as Christian said fish eat Mario in the water worlds but I honestly liked the treasure chest or the regular fish rather than the Shark better. The fish and treasure chest are more on theme but it was Christian’s special day. 
Candy was simple we ordered lots of different gold coins chocolate filled. What kid can resist chocolate and you know Mario has to collect up all those coins. We just did an assorted bag of candy and a treasure chest assortment of party favors so we could use the treasure chest to give out larger game prizes and fill the pinata and treat boxes with the assorted candy and treats. I am honestly more pleased with this party than I have been of any we have had. I usually go all out cook and fix way too much and a lot just goes to waste. This year I did baked beans, hot dogs with homemade sauce, macaroni salad and cupcakes. All simple and easy items to make and transport. It was simple, fun and I could enjoy it with the kids as I didn’t have to overdo myself. Oriental Trading Company makes parties memorable! Our Mario party was a huge success! 
With Oriental Trading the possibilities are truly endless! Get started planning your perfect party, get together or event today start your shopping at Oriental Trading. To connect with Oriental Trading on social media follow the links below:

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