Macy’s Makes Back To School Shopping Fun For The Whole Family

Macy’s Makes Back To School Shopping Fun For The Whole Family

As most of you know we recently moved from a very small area. When I say small I mean rural; our closest neighbors were only family and it was thirty minutes to even a gas station and almost forty five minutes to any shopping centers like Wal-Mart. One of the biggest perks of our move is we are within approximately ten minutes of one mail and about thirty minutes of another. I love being able to shop often and just sometimes browse. By the time we would drive to an actual mall it was two hours and a huge inconvenient trip with three kiddos in tow. With our new proximity to retail therapy me and Sierra take quite advantage of being able to browse the latest deals whenever we want. When shopping for back to school my first thought was Macy’s they always have great deals and special offers.

Macy’s has amazing styles and selections for the whole family. It is your one stop shop for Back To School clothing, shoes and accessories. Macy’s is one place I know I will shop first because I can always score the kids name brand shoes like Nike, New Balance or even Crock’s at unbeatable prices. From one wide awkwardly sized shoe kids mom to another I know how hard those wide styles can be to find at a decent price. It is almost impossible. Macy’s can place special orders for these sizes and you can still cash in on great savings! Christian my oldest is so hard to shop for shoes because he needs a wide. Most of the styles carried in stores are tailored to the average person and Christian is always upset with the selection. Since we discovered Macy’s special orders shoes he has been so much happier and even more confident in himself.

Macy’s clothing selection for kids can’t be beat. I can generally find whole outfits for under $20 for the boys and often $10-$15 for Sierra and Kierran as they are still in baby and toddler sizes. I love seeing the kids confident in their back to school looks! Macy’s gives them the confidence they need to tackle those back to school jitters. Your kids will think you are the coolest mom on the block!

Make sure to check out Macy’s selection you will find everything you need to get the kids back to school and to follow them on social media below:

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