Playtime Edventures Brings Fun & Games On The Go Plus A Giveaway

Playtime Edventures Brings Fun & Games On The Go Plus A Giveaway

It is always a huge struggle for us to entertain the kids on the road or away from home. With four children of such various ages it seems like I am constantly working to find activities they all love and can participate in together. My kids range in age from four months to ten years old so they often can’t agree on anything to play together. It’ hard to put a three and ten year old together and hope they play well. I loved Playtime Edventures products because they bring the kids together in play be it on the road with the slumber bag or overnight with their sheet set at home or away. Playtime Edventures products are all about simplicity. They have either pink or blue full or twin size sheets with pillowcase and slumber (sleeping) bags with classic games, phrases and more. Three main products that can essentially teach kids of all ages to bond through play; the playtime pillow, sheets and slumber bag. Right now use code jojo and save 15 percent!

My kids love taking their slumber bag on the go. They often play in the car together and on long trips; especially overnight trips as the kids generally can’t take a whole lot with them. The slumber bag has become essential for family trips. The kids love if me and their dad play games with them but it is always hard to find games challenging enough for our older children yet simple enough for our smaller kids to participate. The slumber bag has 25 interactive games, fun facts and positive affirmations. It allows for a whole lot of gaming options for the kids so they can all agree on one. All the games can be played with coins or cut out paper so you don’t have to pack any extras. We always pack chess and checker pieces as my kids love both. One product so many possibilities!

The sheets are virtually the same idea as the slumber bag just in sheet form. They have a larger canvas which means more games, positive affirmations and fun facts. The full sheet set comes with two pillow cases as well as free cut out game pieces and the twin set comes with one pillow case and free game pieces. Games included are corn hole, mazes, word finds, checkers and so many more. For even more fun the playtime pillow allows kids to create their own stories. I recommend purchasing a washable fabric marker so that your kids can write and it will wash out for fun time and time again. My kids love being able to doodle on their sheet.  It is perfect for when they have kids sleep over or for weekend family game nights. It has so many options and isn’t cluttering. Games in my home sometimes don’t last long. I am so OCD I can’t stand clutter or messes and some games are just that. For whatever reason they include too many pieces, are oddly sized and can never be stored well and or are too large and just take up to much space to store. Playtime Edventures sheet set takes up no space that you already aren’t using. It’s a win win! Fifty fun games, affirmations and fun facts that are compact, mess free and space savers. To me it’s a no brainer who wants fifty boxes laying around with thousands of game pieces when you could have one sheet? With the holidays nearing consider Playtime Edventures as a gift for the kids in your family. It is sure to be a loved, cherished and educational gift.

Playtime Edventures gives back. I love buying from companies that I know give back by donating to charitable causes. Playtime Edventures donates their returned items even. I think that is an amazing idea because a small defect isn’t the biggest deal and some families can’t afford to give their children nice sheets; sadly. They also have a listing on their site especially for buyers who would like to donate. Instead of the normal $29.99 donations are discounted $5.
As a company, their commitment is and always will be to children and communities. They currently partner with the Children’s Hospitals, Women Children shelters and International relief organizations across the world! They believe that their bedding products create a calming distraction for children forced into safe places because of circumstance out of their control. Your purchase will have a significant, positive impact on families, and specifically the lives of children for generations to come. They can’t do it all alone, but we believe that we can do a lot more to keep children safe if we join together. Thank you so much for your purchase. If you have a specific organization you would like to donate to you can email them at U.S. Only! For international relief please contact us at 844-335-PLAY(7529).

Playtime Edventures wants to give one lucky fan the chance to win their own twin boy sheet set (must be boy). To purchase Playtime Edventures go to their shop below and make sure to follow them on social media below:

One lucky reader will win a twin boy sheet set just enter below.

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