Smart App

Smart App

This is a sponsored post I received compensation all opinions are 100 percent my own!

How many apps do you have on your phone? If you are anything like our family your storage is almost full from all the apps you use.  My kids have apps, I have apps and my husband has apps as we all share the cell phone. I am always looking for new information or answers to questions it seems. I love Ask Bongo; Ask Bongo was created by Caroline Thomspon.

In a typical day I am at boy-scouts, the kids school and working from all of these places. I am always trying to find out information on this or that. Ask Bongo comes in pretty handy. I can just pull up Ask Bongo on the phone and viola it knows the answer to everything! Well almost everything. Way more than me! Check out how the creator Caroline Thompson got the idea here for Ask Bongo as well as what drives and inspires her in this in depth interview. Be sure to check out and download Ask Bongo.

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