Snugly Pals to Snuggle With This Holiday

Snugly Pals to Snuggle With This Holiday


Do you have a little one who loves his comfort blanket? My kids all carried their blankies  Sack Pals has little ones in mind and truly know their customers! My Sierra loves her Sack Pal’s they are her best friends but my sons do also! Christian wishes he was small enough to fit but he is a bit big but still enjoys playing with the pals with Gavin and Sierra. Gavin on the other hand snuggles right up he loves his Sack Pals and tells me often how soft and snugly they are. With Sack Pals you aren’t just getting some stuffed animals and blanket. Sack Pals is a miniature sleeping bag that turns inside out to hold your four pals who stick with Velcro and sack bling which also sticks to your Sack Pal.

Gavin is probably the sweetest child I have . I would say baby but he is seven now (just turned seven) and has informed me he is no longer a baby. I see Gavin all the time with his Sack Pals playing and moving them around on the couch while he lays in his sack. You get four amazingly cute stuffies with your sack that each have names and stories. Your pals included are all listed below with a brief description. 
Our best little digger in town, if you need to hide something give it to Henry, he will find a safe spot. Henry is the first to wake up and the last to go to bed. He is always ready for playtime and will never leave your side.
This popular pachyderm has a nose for fun and adventure. He has the longest memory of all the Pals. He never forgets his friends’ birthdays and always brings the coolest presents.
Miss Emilee is a frisky kitty who is always up for a game of hide and seek. She would never scratch the furniture and loves snuggles and long naps in the sunshine.
This friendly little turtle is loved by all. Even though he carries a tough shell on his back, his heart is as soft and loving as can be. He moves slow but thinks fast. The other pals know that Theodore has an answer to any problem.

I love watching Gavin at night with his Sack Pals as there is a day and night velcro stick on also that is a sun and moon. Gavin loves the moon and stars. He always sticks his moon on before he lays down and makes it a point to tell everyone to look at his scene he creates. All of his “pals” are stuck on in a row like they are sleeping and the moon is above them. I love it inspires such creativity in Gavin! Then every night Sierra puts the star out when it is their bed time and hers. It has become a little night time ritual for him. We can’t wait for the new Sack Pals to come we are so excited to see the new characters coming soon!

 I love that you can throw Sack Pals right in the wash. They are very durable and easily stored. The fabric is amazing as well. It is very soft and just feels nice. Gavin and Sierra already love this materials and are what I call blankie babies. They go around with a soft blankie even in hot summer heat like Linus from Snoopie. Sack Pals is a perfect security blanket for your little one. They can take naps almost anywhere with their Sack Pal and you as a parent can know their Sack Pal is clean and protects them from germs. All I have to do is throw it in the wash when we get home. It is perfect for long volunteer days at the boys school when the little ones tag along or those long doctor appointments.

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