Stuff that Stocking With Radz This Year

Stuff that Stocking With Radz This Year

Stockings were never better this year at my house we filled them to the brim with Radz and had leftovers for the kids to give out to friends at school and family. Everyone loved them and they were a huge hit! We had so many different dispensers it was awesome! The kids really loved the Radz holiday dispensers.

The three different Reindeers and The two different Frosty the Snowman were the kids favorites but they also liked the Santa Clause. I would have thought they would like the Santa Clause one; I did but agh kids and gifts.

 The dinosaur collection was super cute and very fun for all the kids. Sierra and the boys love dinosaurs so these were a boy and girl stocking stuffer. They were really big and looked very cool when put together.

Batman wins again with my kids. Sierra saw the two batman and went wild. She’s definitely not a girly girl! I had to share these pictures as I was just like this growing up I loved the boy stuff it drove my mom nuts to but Radz were just fun. The candies were tasty inside all the Radz and I loved the designs we got.

Make sure to follow Radz on social media and when filling those stockings stop by your local retailer like Wal-Mart to find Radz. They are in several stores.

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