Summer Party Tips

Summer Party Tips

Are you planning a get-together, outdoor event, gospel singing with the church or summer party? I love hosting summer events! Every year we host generally one event per month (including birthdays for the kids and family) in the summer. The summers here in Kentucky are beautiful and amazing. The days are hot and a pool or the lake are great outdoor destinations to host events. The evenings are cooler and magical. The evenings are perfect for parties and get together’s. Here are five tips for hosting a great summer outdoor celebration!

1.) Make sure the food is amazing Stick with easy traditional favorites. Handheld appetizers are easy for guests to grab and go while socializing.

2.) Drink It Up! Offering a wide range of beverages alcoholic and nonalcoholic gets guests loosened up and in the mood to party.

3.)Entertainment is a must! Hire and band or book a musician and let the party get started Dance, sing and have fun!

4. Consider the location. If your party is of a day in the heat consider a lake or pool party. Evenings consider a local park, at home (especially if serving alcohol and confiscate keys).
5. Keep the guest list to friends, co-workers, family and general people you enjoy being around. A good party depends on good guests.
These tips should help with hosting the perfect party! Have fun and enjoy summer!

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