Top Ten Sobriety Tips

Top Ten Sobriety Tips

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of Intellifluence all opinions are my own regardless of compensation received. 

Many of my readers know that I struggled with a drug problem in my life; I will not go into details but I know a lot about recovery as I am thankfully someone who was able to recover get my life back and be there for my children and family. Getting sober is simple, staying sober is a whole different story. In order to stay sober you must allow yourself to succeed which means making the right decisions.
Choosing better friends and having a good support system are key but in daily life you must also make wise choices on everything from saving money, paying bills to choosing the right lifestyle choices are key. An alcoholic doesn’t want to be on the beach at a dive bar trying to resist that temptation. Think and plan ahead so you do not have triggers and you can succeed.
A good recovery center can be key to getting on the right track. Check out Columbus Recovery Center. These are my top ten best tips for staying sober!

1. For your first few months sober, your only goal each day is to make it through without a drink or drug.

2. Don’t overestimate your control over your addiction.  Everyone does at some point.
3. Practice complete abstinence.  
4. Seek out in-patient treatment if you can afford it.
6. Cut out toxic relationships from your life.  This includes friendships and romance.
7. Build new healthy relationships with positive people.
8. Reconnect with friends and loved ones who may have distanced themselves.
9. Don’t mistake an enthusiasm to change with actual action.  The former is nice to have, but the latter is will produce actual change.
10. Reach out to others in recovery. BetterHelp can help you do that.

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