What Do You Do When Your Air Conditioner Goes On The Lamb?

What Do You Do When Your Air Conditioner Goes On The Lamb?

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What’s the worst thing that could happen in ninety plus degree weather? Your Air Conditioning goes out. We actually had this happen this year. We spent quite a few bad days with many fans and small window units. That is not the fix you want believe me. I learned so much about saving and general repairs from this experience.

I am becoming a DIY expert and really savvy when it comes to home repairs and appliance repairs. Some of the main reasons your Air Conditioner would tear up are

Problem: Refrigerant Leak
Air conditioners contain refrigerant, it allows the system to run efficiently. Air conditioners are charged with refrigerant upon installation; a poor charge or a refrigerant leak can cause the system’s refrigerant level to fall below the proper amount. To remedy this, the home AC repair which is performed is a refrigerant recharge, accompanied by fixing the leak if that was the source causing low refrigerant levels. This fix will require an expert!

Problem: Drainage Issues
An air conditioner’s cooling process produces condensation, which normally flows away from the equipment. If there is a clog in the condensate drain lines or drip pan, or if outdoor humidity levels are high, moisture may back up into your air conditioner. Excess condensation will increase indoor humidity levels and hinder the air conditioner’s performance. It could also cause damage to your air conditioner’s components. This generally requires an expert!

Problem: A/C unit is not cooling

If your A/C isn’t cooling your house even though it’s running, you should first check the thermostat to make sure it’s working properly. Next, take a look at the condenser to see if it’s dirty or blocked. If so, clean it and remove the blockage. The condenser can become blocked by tall weeds, grass or other airborne debris. You can fix this yourself!

Problem: Air condenser isn’t running

If your condenser isn’t running, check the power to make sure the unit is plugged in. If so, check for a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker. Restore the power and see if it starts. You can easily fix this on your own! If this doesn’t work you may want to call a professional as you have a larger issue.

Problem: (Common Issue)- Evaporator Coil Leak

One red flag to watch for: Low refrigerant.
The evaporator coil helps the refrigerant work properly with the compressor, the condenser coil and the expansion valve to cool the air in your home or business while expelling unwanted hot air from the building.

A common sign of problems with the evaporator coil is a puddle of water under the air conditioning unit. Sometimes an evaporator coil leak is the result of a drain clogged by insects, mold and dust; sometimes the condensation pan has rusted. Either case can be averted with periodic maintenance checks.
Unclog the drain or install a new pan if needed. It’s also smart to replace the air filter regularly, especially in times of high usage. Often people install a new filter whenever they pay their utility bill; it’s a handy way to remember to change the filter, which can cause frozen coils if it gets too dirty.
Low refrigerant  may be the result of a leak in the welding, but it’s much more likely to be caused by pollution inside the building. We’re talking about the volatile organic compounds created by pesticides, household cleaning products and stale indoor air. You want to make sure there’s a good flow of air around the evaporator coil to make sure the VOCs don’t congregate on it. Some of these fixes you can try but if they do not work you will need an expert.

As you can see you do not have to be an expert to troubleshoot some of these repairs. It may be something simple you can fix yourself. Why not try first before calling an expert. If your best attempts are not successful call an expert asap! Temperatures rise before you know it in a home without Air Conditioning. 
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